Project Management

With an experience of more than 15 years managing different types of projects, we could help you to define, combine, unify, coordinate and manage the different parts of the project and the team to execute it.

We could contribute with our multi-disciplinary network of collaborators, which could help you in multiplying knowledge and resources.

We could advise and participate in different areas of knowledge as:

  • Define and manage the scope and objectives.
  • Define and manage the internal and external stakeholders.
  • Define and manage the best communication processes with all the stakeholders.
  • Define the different tasks and milestones for generating and managing the chronogram of the project.
  • Define and manage the different material resources and their costs.
  • Establish and manage all the tasks and resources for getting the expected quality of the final product.
  • Create and manage the project team.
  • Analise the risks qualitatively and quantitatively. Establish action plans for reducing or mitigate any impact.
  • Management of the Operations (contracts, budget, etc.)
  • Integration of different technological disciplines.
  • Integration of different cultures.


There are a lot of tools that could be applied for the project management.

But the most important is using the necessary tools for getting an optimal management, without overcharging the project with unnecessary paperwork.

Depending on the complexity of the project, and if they are necessary, we could help you to apply for example:

Requirements Traceability Matrix.

This will help to summary all the requisites for all the stakeholders.

Act of Constitution.

This would fix all the requirements and variables of the project.

Work Breakdown Structure.

To fix the tasks, goals, milestones, gates and deliverables of the project.

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix.

Fixing the roles, tasks and obligations of the members of the project team will help to engage them.

Risks Management Plan.

Defining the expected risks and the plans for avoiding or mitigating them. Moreover, establishing the procedures for monitoring them and control any unexpected deviations.

Quality Plan.

Resources Plan.

For managing the material resources needed for the project.

Person’s Management Plan.

We think that more than managing Human Resources the company will manage Persons. With clear Career Plans for the team members this will help them to grow and also the final results.

Stakeholder’s Plan.

It’s very important that all the stakeholders could have all their needs covered in the project.

Communication Plan.

It’s also very important that all the stakeholders could receive all the necessary information and in the right way. This could be integrated into the Stakeholder’s Plan or be managed apart.

Planning and Chronogram.

It’s important to manage the project plan the tasks, milestones and gates using tools that could help to manage time. May be creating a Gantt or other types of charts.