R+D Electronics-Electrical Projects & Designs

We have more than 30 years of experience in R&D and in the industrialization of products where electronics play an important role.

This extensive experience in different industrial sectors allow us to focus on Vertical Integration from understanding the challenge or problem, define a solution, execute the R&D of the proposal, its prototyping, its validation and all the tasks to get a reliable and efficient industrialization.

In this sense, we carry out the R&D to design the product thinking about how it will have to be manufactured, to the point that during the execution of the R&D we think about the supply chain of the different components and how the product will be manufactured. This means that we will select components that are as affordable as possible in terms of cost and availability.

In R&D tasks, we can offer consultancy and execution of R&D for products where electronics play a prominent role. We can help to integrate, define, or execute mechanical solutions that facilitate the integration of electronics at the product level.

Among the technological solutions that we can provide to solve challenges in different industrial sectors, there is the application of the state-of-the-art of precision analog HW technologies, control HW and embedded control, as well as the development of FW or SW on different environments.

However, we carry out the designs considering the current product regulations, to achieve its CE certification or the one that the customer may request (UL, FCC, etc.). We also provide support during the tests (EMC, electrical safety, marking, etc.), at the Laboratory chosen in collaboration with the customer.

Our projects


  • Electrical Sector.
    • EV Market. Development of EV charger solutions.
    • Custom Electronics.
  • HW for installing into a plane (Aeronautical Sector).
  • Electromedical devices.Example, electromedical monitor.
  • Cameras and miniature electro-optical devices.
  • IIoT Applications (Industrial Internet of things).
    • Custom controllers based on microcontrollers.
    • HW design for Linux-based systems.
    • Automation based on PLC.
  • Tests and certification of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC radiated, conducted, immunity).
  • FW development in different environments.