Codes & Standards

We have more than 30 years of experience in combining R&D with the study and application of different Directives, standards, and other product regulations in different industrial sectors.

We have participated as experts in different regulatory and legislative committees at national and international level (IEC, Cenelec, etc.).

We can highlight the experience in relation to compliance with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance requirements for equipment intended for different sectors (industrial control, electrical, electromedical, etc.).

We can give support to certify an electronic product both in the concept and development phase, as well as in the laboratory testing phase. This includes both EC directives and harmonized standards as well as other regulations such as UL.

Our experience in the R&D and certification of RF products allows us to help in the case of certification according to the European RED Directive as well as being able to certify at the FCC level by the US.

Intellectual Property

We have extensive experience in the field of Intellectual Property when it comes to R&D thinking.

Related to analyze what is protected at the level of Patents or Utility Models, as well as looking for what can be applied to be able to protect it.