Innovation Path

We would like to help you on your way from talking about Innovation to actually making it happen.

We know from experience that this seemingly small leap is more complex, and that outside help can be very helpful in creating a framework that works and delivers results.

From the determination of the Types of Innovation that could be applied to your company, to how to implement an Innovation Funnel, an Innovation System complete with the most appropriate metrics or tools that allow you to reach innovate in your Business Model

Types of Innovation

From the analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities of your products and Business Model…

We can catalyze the analysis of the different Types of Innovation that can be applied to your company, as well as create the bases and mechanisms to execute them.

The path to Blue Innovation is the one that can lead us to open a new market and obtain significant benefits in the longer term. 


But are there really ways to reach a Blue Innovation and open a Blue Ocean market? What are the difficulties to achieve it? Can we afford it? How can we combine it with more short-term innovations that could help us?

These are some of the questions we honestly believe we can help you answer.

Innovation Funnel

We can lead or contribute to the creation and management of an Innovation Funnel. 

From strategic exploration, the discovery of opportunities, the generation of proposals, prototyping, the validation of ideas and their scaling.

Innovation Model

We can help you to create an Innovation Model tailored to you…

As a catalyst that contributes to defining objectives, strategies, procedures and tools that could be applied.

Innovation System & Metrics

We can help you in the definition and implementation of a complete Innovation System adapted to the needs of your company.

We can guide you in the establishment of Innovation Metrics that would allow you to measure the result of the Innovation mechanisms implemented, determine strengths, improvement points and new opportunities.

Innovation Tools

There are different tools that can help us walk this path. One that can help us a lot is generating an Innovation Strategy Canvas, which can allow us to analyze and synthesize our strengths, opportunities and set goals.

Another one that has proven to be very useful and valuable is what is called Design Thinking.

It must allow us to review problems and challenges in a different way, always based on a structure designed to achieve a design. In an iterative way, it will help us understand our customers and what their real challenges are, which should lead us to discover them, define them, propose ideas on how to solve them, create test prototypes to be able test the solutions and validate them. Or we could get from the tests what needs to be iterated or pivoted to solve the challenge.

One of the bases of Innovation is impacting the market. It is therefore very important to be able to analyze what our customers really need. Here we can use a tool like the Value Proposition Canvas, which can help us define challenges, proposals, and impacts on our customers.

From the project resulting from the previous analysis, we would analyze the social, technological, economic (general and/or sector) or other trends that would affect this project. We would also analyze the competition, the positioning at the level of the target audience, the forces that affect us. This would let us define what would be the value contributions that could really impact the market.

We can also analyze in detail the impact on our Business Model of the new value propositions, applying tools such as the Business Model Canvas.